Tulle Talk: English vs. Italian

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One of the most common questions clients ask me is: what's the difference between English tulle and Italian tulle? Here's a quick breakdown:

  1. Hole Size: English tulle has larger hexagon-shaped holes compared to the smaller ones in Italian tulle.
  2. Wrinkle Resistance: English tulle wrinkles less and is easy to straighten by hanging it on a hanger. Italian tulle, on the other hand, tends to crumple a bit more.
  3. Visual Comparison: Check out these photos! They both show the same style veil, called a drop veil, which is famous for that lift-and-kiss moment.
soft tulle drop veil, elegant wedding veil
Veil from English tulle
Veil from Italian tulle
bow tied from Italian tulle scarf
bow tied from English tulle scarf
The Veiled Virgin is a Carrara marble statue of the bust of a veiled Virgin Mary, carved by Italian sculptor Giovanni Strazza in Rome in the early 1850s. 
It is much like how an English tulle veil drapes.

Are you still uncertain about choosing tulle? Want to feel the difference yourself? I recommend getting some tulle samples.

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From Tradition to Trend: Embracing English Tulle in Bridal Fashion

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Dive into the world of bridal fabrics with our latest post exploring the wonders of English tulle. Discover how this versatile material seamlessly blends tradition with a modern twist, striking the perfect balance between sheer elegance and subtle coverage. From its matte finish to its hexagonal eyelets, English tulle exudes timeless charm and practicality, making it a favorite among modern brides. Explore the perks of this enchanting fabric and elevate your bridal look with sheer sophistication.
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What are the many Shades of White or how to choose right color veil

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There are so many questions every bride has to answer about her wedding day look. And one of the most frequently asked questions is which of the countless shades of white would be perfect for your wedding dress.

Experts say that choosing a wedding dress that complements your natural skin tone is the secret to looking your best on your wedding day. When deciding whether to go for a white, ivory or any other hue for your wedding dress, skin tone should be your number one consideration.

And when you find that perfect tone for your wedding dress, veil follows right after to match and complement the overall look. Yet there are some underwater rocks to look out for when choosing your veil. Allow us to share some useful tips that might save your day when receiving your veil.

First let’s agree on one thing – there are so many shades of white! Not all creators call those shades the same, but having a mismatch between your veil and your wedding gown is not something you would love to have. So let’s dive into the ocean of many hues of white!

What are the Many Shades of White?

The names given to colors can be confusing. Here are some of the most commonly used names for white, which are standard in the industry:

  • White, Bright White

The purest, starkest white almost glows, and is particularly striking against dark skin. It is also the most difficult shade to wear, as it can drain the color from fair and medium skin tones.

And what is more, this is the shade of tulle we use for our veils.

  • Off white, Pale ivory, Light ivory, Soft white

It is something you would find between diamond white and ivory and might look a bit similar to eggshell white. We call it Soft white due to its universal and unique shade that is always gorgeous.

  • Ivory

There is a great deal of variation in shades of ivory, which is the most universally flattering hue for brides. Be sure to hold a color swatch of any ivory next to your face to see how it plays against your skin and eye color. Some have creamy, warm undertones while others have a slightly pinker tint.

We use ivory color that is much warmer than Soft white, and it has no yellow undertones.

  • Antique ivory, Cream

It is the purest shade of ivory, that is quite similar to old ivory jewelry and has naturally yellow undertones, yet we do not use this shade for our veils.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the shades of white? Worry not, most brides are worried at times! We are here to share some tips on how to avoid the terror of mismatch between your hues.

-          First, allow us to help! You can always send us a photo of your dress and we will do our best to find a matching hue for you!

-          Instagram hashtags can be a life saving tool.  Find more information on Instagram Floraljewellery highlights or use hashtag #howtochooserightcolorveil for our beautiful tulle fabric and be amazed how perfectly it matches your gown.

-          Last but not least, a trick that has already saved countless sleepless nights is…wait for it… samples! Yes you can buy samples of our amazing tulle fabric and march that material with your actual dress! It may look slightly differently in different lightings, but it will be no problem as you will have a chance to match those fabrics in as many surroundings as you like.

No matter what shade of white you have chosen to be with you on your happiest day, we wish you a very joyful wedding and your happily ever after!


how to choose right color veil

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Ethereal sunset bridal shoot, Silver comb, Aleksandra Pavliuscenko photography

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Anastasija, my model from the Afternoon Tea collection , invited me to a romantic wedding photoshoot at the beach.

The dress that bride was wearing was light grey color and the look was completed by floraljewellery silver comb with Swarovski crystals and pearls designed together with Murano glass flowers. A truly beautiful combination for modern boho, beach brides!

You can find the silver comb here .

Anastasija with her beautiful dress and accessories was photographed by a talented photographer Aleksandra. You can visit her website here


ethereal sunset bridal shoot
boho bride
silver comb
ethereal sunset bridal shoot
beach bride
boho bridal bouquet
boho bride
boho bride
Floral design - Lafleur
Hair accessories - Floraljewellery
MUA - Liucija Navickaite
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